Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A ton of work

       It's been a while since my last post, a long while, 28 days.  Since then I have done 13 paintings and a whole lot of other stuff that's just gotten in the way of painting, but that's life, so without delay here they are, from the most recent back.

Yesterday, 77F  sunny to slightly overcast.


#980  Battenkill @ Battenville    4-10-17     14x16     

The spring run off is in full swing, with high waters, and the notable color of that water, different than usual. 

Yesterday I had to do errands in Saratoga, so I thought I'd do a common street scene, I found light on these two houses seen from the intersection of Regent and park St.

Here is a progress shot. 

#979   Regent and Park     4-9-17      12x16

Saturday I was in Glens Falls for an opening, I had just enough light to do this. 

The light moved quickly and I had only  1/2 hr. to work. 

#978   Warren St.  Glens Falls      4-8-17    14x11

Thursday was pretty gray, but there was some thinning of the cloud cover and this light was bouncing off the very full Owlkill Creek as it overflowed through the oxbow.

#977   Owlkill Creek at Shunpike Rd.     4-6-17     12x9 

Much of this time was very cloudy, I hate to paint in cloudy weather, but I'm compelled to get out and find something, even a little lightning in the distance will do the job.

#976  Tollison Rd.  @ Wilbur Farm     4-5-17    16x12  

On Friday April 3rd I found this right down the street.  

#975 West Main St. @ Pearl     4-3-17    12x9  

This is railroad ave in Hoosick Falls, NY.  another cloudy day that let up some sun just in the nick of time.

It's funny how you notice things when looking at the scene and the painting next to each other like this, should have been obvious, but it's not the reality of it. 

#974  R.R. Ave, Hoosick Falls, NY.     4-2-17    9x12  xx

Here is a little "farm industrial"  I was struck by the squareness of the truck and how it fit into the landscape.  

#972  Eddie Rd @ Ford Farm    3-30-17   14x16

This is in the town of Victory, as in the victory over the British in 1777,  the place has seen better days. 

#971 View of Victory Mills       3-23-17    12x16  

#970  Yellow flower in growler   3-22-17   12x11 

This is the rail yard in Hudson Falls, it was a warm day, and the snow with the tall grass made it feel like a beach, except without an ocean.

#969  Hudson Falls rail yard    3-18-17   12x16

This is my set up to paint out the 2nd floor window of the National Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa, NY.

The place had it's challenges, inside was very dark and the scene out the window very bright.

#968  View from 2nd floor, Ballston Spa, NY   3-17-17   12x9

We had a lot of snow for March, and had it not been March I might not have been sick of it, and painting white, but this scene was marked by the strong contrast between black and white and I liked it a lot. 

#966  Church St, Greenwich, NY    3-16-17   12x11

            So that's the post for today, I'll be chaperoning a service trip with my daughter and 19 other high school seniors and juniors to South Carolina. We'll be fixing homes in an underprivileged community and I won't be able to bring my paints, although I'll bring a drawing pad and pencils and will sketch. So I'm sure this will be an exciting trip, Emma will be going to college in the fall, so I'll enjoy the time with her and her friends.  As always, thanks for reading, and sorry about the gaps in this blog!  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mega snowstorm, mega blog, 9 paintings over 11 days!

    Today we are having a major blizzard with snow, cold and high winds, but I got a good fire going in the studio, and found a lemon to paint,  I wanted to have the snowstorm outside the window.

 Here is my still life for the day, it took me quite a while to put this together, not just the objects, but their arrangement.

Here I got the lights and scratched in the bottle,

#965  Still life with lemon       3-14-17      8x10

Yesterday, I didn't get out as early as I wanted, and missed the morning sun, but I wandered around and found myself in a place I've been, it was the same spot but very different. It was pretty cold, probably 20 or so degrees, but there was no wind, and in an an exposed location like this it's unusual not to have any wind, so I took that as a very good thing.

This was May 22, 2015, 

#964 King Rd.      3-13-17         9x12

Saturday was also a bitter cold day, but it was also windy and cloudy. I made a trip to Glens Falls to drop off some paintings, the sun came out  and I found this scene, well protected from the wind in a residential neighborhood with a view of the paper mill. 

This was finished in the studio, a practice I've just started, and just might keep.

#963 Oak St, Glens Falls, NY        3-11-17         8x10

These are called the "5 combines"  which are essentially 5 locks in a row, of course they are the ruins of the original feeder canal, and haven't been used in a long time.

This spot seemed to call me to it. 

The sun even came out for a short while.

Then a little touch up in the studio, why not?

#962 The 5 Combines  Hudson Falls, NY             3-10-17          12x16

This is a spot along the Black Creek in Salem.  While I was painting this I kept thinking that I was putting color in, at least enough, then I step back and I see there is a lot less color as compared to the scene, I guess that's just my eye's filter.

#961 Black Creek, Salem, NY             3-8-17           12x16

This is obviously the studio, I had a lot of trouble with the drawing on this, which I think I was able to fix, but the values never seemed to recover, I also had trouble with the reds.

#960 Amaryllis            3-7-17

Here is the block in for a studio version of a plein air painting of a combine on Brownell corners rd.

One thing I wanted was to widen the whole scene a little. The first one was squished, probably because of the format, and I did peak at the photo, but just to get the drawing in a few places.

#959 Brownell Corners Rd,             3-6-17                   16x20

#958Burton Rd. Easton, NY       3-6-17

Once you start looking for a particular thing you start to see them everywhere, or at least I do, and these I found at the Cargil plant on S.R. 29 in Salem, but there are more, a lot more.

#957 Cargil Graineries, S.R. 29 Salem, NY        3-4-17          11x14

Friday, March 10, 2017

Finished February Paintings

February is supposed to be cold and snowy, and it was, but we got some warm days, with melting and ice, and all that. It was also a productive month with 20 painting in 28 days, here are most of them:

                                      #935 Studio wood fire                 2-1-17                  10x8

                             #936 Backlots, Ballston Spa, NY              2-2-17               11x12

                   #937 Paper mill from Prospect St. Glens Falls, NY                    2-3-17                14x16

                                     #939 Eagle Bridge rail yard                  2-5-17              9x12

              #940 Cement plant from feeder canal, Glens Falls, NY                  2-6-17              14x16

                            #941 Sleeping giant               2-8-17                  16x18

                       #942 Hudson River @ warrensburg               2-10-17               12x16

                         #944 E. Main St. @ Park Place                2-14-17            14x16  

                                 #945 C.R. 59 Graineries                  2-17-17             12x16

                                  #946 Cement  plant, S. Troy, NY.               2-18-17             16x12

                         #947 LeGry's Rd @ Plains rd.                  2-20-17                 9x12

                          #949 Salem Courthouse                        2-22-17                    14x16

                                          #950 Yellow flower                    2-23-17          10x8

                                 #953 Hudson River @ Warrensburg                    2-27-17                  9x12

                               #954 Yellow flower & clementine                           2-28-17                   12x11