Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Welcome to my studio! Grand opening: Friday, April 3 6-10 Saturday, April 4 12-5

Welcome to my new studio!  Or at least newly re-built. Please come to my
Grand Opening! Friday, April 3, 6-10 P.M. Saturday, April 4, 12-5 All Welcome! Since November I've boxed up and stored my painting and carpentry supplies, removed all shelving, furnitue, etc.., insulated, sheetrocked, installed flooring, installed lights. outlets and switches, painted, and re-installed shelving. I'm still working on re organizing my tools, materials, etc.....

So here is the before,(about a year ago):

Here it is being taken apart.

The insulaton board with strapping to install sheetrock.

Here Don Patten is filling the ceiling rafters with hi-density celulouse.



The floor "floats" on a layer of insulation.

Painted and as clean as it will ever be!

The wiring for outlest and lights was done on the surface with Bx cable and metal boxes.

My tool room.

Thanks for visiting! 

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Favorites from the year 2019

   It was a big year with lots and lots of shows. It was also a great year for painting, even with the last two months taken up with health and family stuff and the rebuilding of my studio (still in progress!) It wasn't a great year for sales, but there it is.

    Here are my favorites by month, hope you like them!

 #1350  White @ Mohawk St. Cohoes, NY   1-2-19   12x11

 #1367  Fair grounds, Schagticoke, NY  2-6-19  12x16

#1393  Rt. 4  Schuylerville, NY  3-20-19  14x16

#1401 Mohawk River @ Cohoes, NY 4-3-19 14x16

#1435 Rensselaer St. Troy, NY  5-21-19 11x14

#1449  Lake George @ The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, NY,  6-7-19  16x18

 #1474  Princess, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY  07-15-19  12x16

#1502  Nocturne Washington County Fair,  08-23-19  11x12

#1521  C.V.S. parking lot, W. Newton, MA.  09-25-19  12x16

China King,  10-10-19  13x14

Akin Rd.  Scagticoke, NY  11-23-19  11x14

Here is my studio: a construction site. I am insulating it, then installing sheetrock, it will be a clean white space with great light and I'll be able to heat it and be warm in the winter! Lots of good in all this and I'm blessed beyond numbers.  It's a lot of work too!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Finished September Paintings

   Here are most of the paintings from September, It was a productive Month!

#1507  Limekiln Lake, Inlet, NY  09-1-19  9x12

 #1510  Newark St. Cohoes, NY.  09-5-19  16x14

#1512  Walnut St. Newtonville, MA.  09-11-19  14x16

 #1513  Oakley Spa, Newton, MA.  09-2-19  11x14

#1514  Shur Fine, 09-13-19  12x16

#1516  Barnwall's  White Creek, NY.  09-16-19  13x14

 #1518  Willow St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  09-19-19  14x16

 #1519  John St.  Hoosick Falls, NY.  09-21-19  11x12

 #1520  Schuylerville boat basin, Schuylerville, NY.  09-22-19  9x12

#1521  C.V.S. parking lot, W. Newton, MA.  09-25-19  12x16

#1525  Port of Albany  09-30-19  11x14

         That was September, it's now December and is snowing!   Most of these are available, if you want one or just interested in a price let me know, thanks, Matt 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Finished August Paintings

     Here are my best finished paintings from August, enjoy!

 #1485  Marina, Inlet, NY.  08-5-19  11x14

#1486  Back Bay, Inlet, NY.  08-6-19  11x12

  #1487  Finch Pruyn, Glens Falls, NY.  08-8-19  11x12

Chinian,  #1493  Gears Rd.  Glens Falls, NY.  08-10-19  16x18

#1494  Downtown Bennington VT.  08-13-19  12x16

 #1496  C.R. 62  08-15-19  14x16

#1498  Carney Cassidy Rd.  08-17-19  12x16

 #1499  121st. @ 4th, Troy, NY.  08-18-19  14x16

 #1501  Norowal Marina, Bolton Landing, NY  08-22-19  14x16

 #1502  Nocturne Washington County Fair,  08-23-19  11x12

 #1503  The Demon, Washington County Fair.  08-26-19  12x16

#1504 First St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  08-28-19  13x14

#1505  Old Cambridge Rd.  08-28-19  11x14

         Thanks for reading my blog!  Most of these are available and for sale, email me if interested. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Finished July Paintings

     Here are selected paintings from July, hope you like them! 

 #1466  Shelving Rock Falls, Lake George, NY.  07-1-19  14x16

 #1468  Yellow House, North Hoosick, NY.  07-3-19  12x16

#1469   Train Station, Salem, NY.  07-5-19  11x12

#1474  Princess, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY  07-15-19  12x16

 #1476  Nocturne, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY.  07-17-19  12x9

#1479  Pearl St.  07-14-19  9x12

 #1481  Stewarts, N. Hoosick NY.  07-31-19  16x18

( This painting along with the yellow house are on the site of the new Stewarts in North Hoosick, the yellow house has been raised)