Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battenkill River @ Center Falls, Greenwich, NY.

42 F  partly overcast.
Some times you just get lucky,  I wanted a water view, the A.M. was bright with clouds slowly encroaching, so I went back to the Center Falls area of the Battenkill.  There is a paper mill, and dam where I found a good spot before, but I wanted something to take advantage of the morning sun, (from the south east), I found 20' off Bypass Rd. an old foundation on the water in a perfect spot and just a few brambles!

The sky had  gotten pretty overcast by the time I took this pic., but wow what a spot!

The mid-morning sun was bright and the snow  reflected it, contrasting with the dark part of the  water, as the clouds came in I lost some of that contrast, but was far along enough to keep it in the painting.

I  don't really see my work until I take it home and look at it inside. I think comparing it to nature is just so brutal.

Hidden just a few feet off the road, yeah!

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