Saturday, February 16, 2013

Battenkill River @ Greenwich hydro plant, Eddy St.

39-34 F  Mostly cloudy 
I found this spot looking for a place to vantage the old RR. piers,  I drive by here all the time, and since its town property I figure it's fair game
The color seems, at first glance to be dead, but there's really a lot of color, color that changes as the light changes, and of course it's very subtle.                                  

I love the ruins of this old RR crossing, not much left, but totally cool to see go through the river. Depicting  built elements can be tricky, they tend to look contrived easily, but I guess you can say that about trees too.  
 The dam provides white noise, to drown out the road.
A nice place to hang out for a few hours!


It was so nice I decided to bring the chair and have a seat,  I can usually spend more time sitting (and it makes it easier to keep my vantage point.)

The Pallet is ready to be retired, but I'm looking for  a new design as well, and I'm lazy!

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