Sunday, February 3, 2013

Canalway @ Rt. 4 near Ft. Edward

 2013, 2 February, 20 F  Mostly cloudy with a slight breeze.

   I found this spot on my way to Glens Falls yesterday, there are tons of great places to paint along the Hudson and the canal, including bridges, locks, etc. Here at a Canalway park on rt. 4 there was a parking lot and easy access to the place I found to set up.

   The great thing about this time of the year is that there is nobody else around and with the foliage off the trees it's easier to get great views. It's also cold and the wind can be bracing.  I wear lots of layers: hat, hood snow boots, and insulated leather work gloves, so yeah, there's a bit of a challenge just to keep from freezing.
 The blue seemed to have a mind of it's own in this painting!  The dead-on straight line of the opposite bank of the canal drew me to this spot, but this too eluded me, and I lost the reflection of trees on the ice, but I was happy with the bridge, and that warm spot of sky behind it.
 A bad day painting is better than a good day of anything else.

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