Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Waits Hill Rd. White Creek NY 2-6-13

Partly cloudy 28 F gusty winds.

. I always put the canvas directly next to the subject, so when I look at both they line up horizontally.  I was taught this method called "sight-size" in 1980, to  draw from plaster casts.
 This is one of my favorite roads in white creek, I've done a few paintings on it and when I saw how the barn was backlit on this cold clear day with the hill in the distance and a sliver of mountain beyond the road to the right of the barn, Yeah.

 The wind wanted to knock the easel over, so I utilized bungee cords and a bucket  to weigh down the equipment, I always bungee cord the canvas the the easel anyway.

 This time of year I try to find a place that's at least a bit protected from the wind, hill tops are always windy in the winter, so I try to stay in valleys.

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