Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cobble Hill, Revised

45+  F   more sun than yesterday.

 I went back to the same spot to work some more on yesterday's painting.   It was nicer out, but lots of the snow was gone!

I think I need another hour and I'm glad I did it. I worked mostly on the middle and foreground, and I actually added some snow where I lost it from yesterday.


  1. Matt,I just looked at this March series of paintings and enjoyed your thoughts and especially seeing your painting juxtaposed with your scene in the background. This is my favorite. Fooling around with watercolors I forget how workable oils are and your whites are great. Like hearing about your process.

  2. Thanks Judy! Oil was a natural choice for me, Watercolor seems so much more difficult! maybe it's just experience, keep working!