Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 1 48 Hours @ Salem Art Works

A.M.  Chilly start,  fresh snow

First pic of me painting, Zac Ward, and his dog walked by while I was setting up this A.M.

I did this same view in June during Harry Orlyk's Workshop,  There was more snow when I started than when I finished (and took this pic).

As the sun came up,  I had to turn the panel to keep the light from raking across the surface.

   This photo makes the painting look real dark and saturated in comparison to the real thing, when I brought in home, it looked much more like the real thing.

P.M. Warm and sunny,  very bright sun!

This spot is by the round-up of trailers for summer interns,  I sat in one to rest and sip coffee, maybe someday, I'll rent one and camp for a while.  When I started the sun was brightly reflected off the slope in the center above and to the left of the garage. the trees were super-dark, by comparison.

    I moved the garage way off to the the right, I wanted more slope, That changed a number of the other relationships, but I don't think that was the lesson for this afternoon.

   I've been thinking about adding black, like any change, I ponder it to within an inch of it's life, and ultimately it doesn't usually make much difference. Using Ultra Marine and Alizerine crimson (and maybe a bit of cadmium orange)  had been my dark of choice.  I could still do a few things to this...

Nice.  Tomorrow Day two of 48 Hours @ SAW

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