Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 2 48 Hour @ Salem Art Works Salem, NY.

Warm & Sunny, A.M.  clouds slow to move in P.M. (15 F @ 7:00, +/- 45 F 3:00)

I knew I wanted a creek view this morning, I was tired, and it was spring ahead, so it was 10:30, old time before I got going on this, but a lovely day that was already very pleasant and still clear by start time.

I keep saying I'm going to alter my easel into a Gloucester-type and make a paint box with new pallet Three trips, luckily it was only 30' from the truck.

The colors aren't as far off as this photo would indicate, and although the sun did change the amount and intensity of the shadows, I had a decent amount of time to get it.

I found a 25 yr. old tube of black paint along with lots of other colors from I'm not sure how long ago... So this is the first time in memory that I used black.  As predicted, it wasn't that crazy different, but I did use it sparingly.

Afternoon:  warm, still bright with few high clouds moving in.

SAW has lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  I was going to go back up on the hill, but had a last minute change of heart, and found this place.

With the minimum of things, it still took 3 trips up. but worth the effort!

Buildings are tough to paint, but I liked this place with the roof top view and the far distant mountain.

I think being in a shady place,  accounted for the color range. It ended up looking a bit washed out.

I tried practicing some advice from Stapleton Kearn's blog, about using opposite colors of the same value in the surfaces of the barn, I think it came out O.K.

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