Saturday, March 2, 2013

Duel Hollow Rd. Cambridge, NY, yesterday

35 F  Cloudy, slight breeze
The clouds were thin and I thought I could get some light out of them,  This spot is in a hollow that's higher than the Cambridge valley.

I liked the color of this feild, and seeing the distant hills in the cut of the electric lines as they recede over the near hill. There was also a lot of textural changes, from the broken corn stalks to the smooth cut grass in the middle ground.

 It was nice to sit, but it got cold and I wished I hadn't, Then 2:30 rolled around, so time to meet the bus.

A beautiful spot, for sure, I liked the intimacy of the view I chose, also since I've been working so small, it's doable in a short time.  I can concentrate on trying to get the color notes right.  The ocher colors are so subtle this time of year, I've really learned to appreciate their variety, having said that, its good to work at it painting after painting I think they've gotten better.

I had trouble with the cluster of bushes on the left side of the middle -ground hill. I realize now that they are darker overall, but some things just squirm and squirm, argh.

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