Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still (some) snow, Cobble Hill Rd.

+\-  45 F  Mostly cloudy & windy, with breaks of sun & calm.

The north-facing slopes still have snow from the last storm.  Introduce some very subtle greens in the foreground.

 I liked the way the light reflected off of the rolling middle-ground, and the trees and bushes contrasted to it.

I've done a couple of paintings from this site (or pretty close).  My view is south-west.

The sun came in and out today, (mostly in). I always orient the panel so it's shaded from the sun, which is a major factor in finding just the right place to paint. I guess I could get an umbrella to shade  my panel. The sun also passed over different parts of my view changing things dramatically for a few minutes until the clouds returned.

 Soon I must make a paint box and alter my easel so I can move away from the truck, but until then the path of least resistance is "truck painting".

At  11" x 17"  this is the largest Painting I've done since before the winter began.  It definitely takes more time to move the paint.

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