Saturday, April 6, 2013

Battenkill @ Center Falls, Greenwich, NY.

Sunny 35 to 50! F

 Second time @ this spot! It was beautiful out.   I started at about 10:30 and went to about 12:30.  The sun really changed in that 2 hrs. mostly in the reflection of the water.
 At first I thought I'd paint out that limb, now I'm having second thoughts. I just finished Edgar Payne's book on composition, so I wallowed it it today. Thinking about composition definitely makes me self conscious and I think a bit "weird" about how to apply it.
 After this pic was taken I put a tree in on the left, mostly in front of the bush-mess.

I'm on an old foundation a few feet away from the water, yeah!

I used a recycled piece of plexi-glass as a pallet  It was a bit too small (good for hike-in), but made a good surface.  I'll make one a bit larger (also from recycled plexi-glass) 

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