Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dickinson Rd, Finished

Yesterday  60 F  mostly sunny!

 Note:  I finished this just before the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, and it's just about impossible to put this in perspective of a terrorist attack.  When I was younger, I sought  truth in my work, now I seek beauty.  Can they live together?

I went back to this spot the next day, it was warm and sunny!, the sun was hitting my panel, which I would normally never allow, but it worked out ok.

I tried to resolve some things mentioned in  the previous post. I think I achieved them, mostly.  Since I brought the painting back I found more things I would like to change; the three main shapes in the front, the road, the grass and the dead grass are too equal in size, and the road and the dead grass are too equal in color. I think I'll let this go and work it out in the next picture.

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