Friday, April 12, 2013

McMillan Rd., Finished

Cloudy 45  F  sprinkles in the air.

Here is McMillan Rd. on my kitchen counter, finished.  I took it back yesterday, it was cloudy but the rain held off.  I worked on the fore and mid ground, mostly leaving the far hills and sky alone. The paint was wet in some spots and dry(or tacky) in others, which was weird, I worked on it  for a bit over an hour, then a bit back in the shop yesterday evening, and it was well worth the time.  There are somethings I'm happy with, the general air to it, the composition (mostly), the road in the mid-ground and even the foreground road.  I think the placement of the tree in  the center foreground should have gone to the left and forward a bit, I also had a hard time "rolling" the first hill, if there is such a thing.  Maybe I should start with the intention that I'll come back to the location again and keep the first session thinly painted and generally darker, in anticipation of more thickly painted and lights, highlights at a later session.

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