Saturday, April 27, 2013

Owlkill Creek, Owlkill Rd. White Creek, NY, day1

64  F  mostly sunny

Owlkill Creek, right off Owlkill Rd. This is just down the road from one of my favorite spots on the corner of Owlkill Rd. and Jodie Rd. I'm between the creek and the railroad tracks, within the high water mark, so by my summation, it should be fair game, I could be wrong.

I had driven by this spot and had wanted to paint here but it looked hard to "get in".  Today the sun was back lighting the opposite bank and the bent-scruffy tree, the light was perfect. (at the time this photo was taken I had lost my light, It had been much brighter)

 Owlkill Rd.

I managed to do it in almost one carry, since I couldn't work right from the road, and had to park way down from the bridge.

I changed my pallet, and tried to make my dark with Veridian green and Cadmium red, big mistake, I couldn't get that green out of anything, and although the water was very green, it was way overload green in every other

I'm going to bring it back tomorrow to continue on it. Looks like a ditto copy of today, so I'll take that any day.