Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thanks to the road crew, McMillan Rd. Jackson, NY.

60 F!  clouds and sun, windy.

The road crew were on this part of McMillan Rd. earlier, removing brush from the edges and smoothing the shoulder, just the thing for me.

First day (hopefully) for this painting.

I'm going up in size, this panel is 11"x 14", I'm also intending to return to this spot to finish this painting, I need the next sunny day, same time, soon, so the colors don't change too much.

It was windy so I needed my hold down bucket.

The sun, when I started was hitting the middle-field hill very brightly and cast a haze over the foreground, That changed soon after I started, but I had put down some dark purple mud in the foreground that kept squirming into the paint. I think I got it, but I regretted not starting off with a darker tint from the start.

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