Sunday, April 14, 2013

The cow jumped over the moon, Dickinson Rd. Cambridge, NY.Day 1

40  F  Cloudy & Gusty winds

When ever I see A cow, like this (moon present or not) I'll say to my girls,...and the cow jumped over the moon, which she could be, if she jumped and the moon was under her......So the improbable becomes true, the winter in the spring, still,  maybe we had summer in the winter, maybe we'll have autumn  in the summer, maybe it's all  in how you look at it.

The clouds didn't give me many contrasts and I've been liking large stretches of dirt road and more intimate views,  I also liked the tree and the dead tall grass and the curve in the road, and the mid-distant farm.
It was cold so I thought I was going to quit here, but the light was consistent, if  I wasn't under-dressed, so I warmed up in the truck a few times and pushed on.

I "worked the mud" today, sometimes just adding a ton more paint to a color to get it out of it's own mess.

So many beautiful places to paint, it took me 45 minutes to come here. Slightly protected from the gusty wind, an intimate road, a bit of mystery and edge.

End day 1 for this picture, It definitely needs some more work, I like to bring it inside and stare at it for some time to see more of what it needs. I'll try to get back to this same spot soon, and maybe work on it at home.

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