Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today in Salem, NY.

50+ F  Sunny

Salem Art Works creek and yellow bridge, day 1

It was cold this AM (25F @ my kitchen window) but in the sun it was warm and beautiful. Anthony called for "Weekend Warriors" ,( I feel more like a reservist)

I wanted to paint a creek and a newly greened pasture, this was close but not exactly what I wanted, the color way too electric, the yellow wow.

This was taken after about 45 minutes, I started on a dark, mostly burnt sienna ground.

This was at the end of my work time.  I'm really not happy with the color, I may come back to work on it, I may work on it in the shop or both. The bridge and the bench both need to be tweaked, I like the mid ground and trees, and the building removal. The creek  needs some adjustments here and there too.

I keep my pallet so I can work the same colors.

My changing easel.

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