Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yellow bridge finished, McMillan Rd. x2

Today 60+ F  mostly sunny

This was today @ McMillan Rd. Jackson, I was here yesterday and started then, I did what I never do, set up with the canvas in full sun, so I turned it this wacky way, but it was weird. I just loved this spot but the light changed by the minute, with clouds coming and going, the light just budding out bushes would pick up light then drop it in a million ways,

I forgot how to paint today but I didn't let that stop me and this is how the session ended.  There were some good things and some bad.... I'm going to work on it some more, I don't know why.

This is how it looked yesterday at the same time (2:30) just before the bus. I intended to start this and bring it back. Yesterday the sun was full, with no clouds, that kept things simpler, but the brush was hard to pin down, it's almost like smoke, but not.

 This is how SAW creek ended yesterday.  I couldn't pull it out of itself, the yellow bridge just wasn't going to cooperate and there you have it.  I liked everything in back of the bridge, I can even tolerate some of the foreground, and maybe if I drank more I'd have the creek, maybe not.

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