Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brownell Corners Rd. Days 1&2

 Sunny and warm, day 1  sunny with clouds, cool, day2

I went down this road last friday (the day of my closing @ SAW) thinking I'd like the do the creek, looking north, like I had done this winter, but the sun was way south, and not even west at all.  I found this, clear and crisp, with the perfect tree.

 I started with a dark purpley ground, and think it was too cool but it worked out ok.  This was about 45 minutes into it, and I was getting different readings on the mid ground and back ground, there were a few clouds, so when one passed over the distant hill, while the sun stayed up the mid ground it was perfect. I changed the distant hills to a dark.

This was how it looked @ 2:30 friday

This is where it it got to @ 1:30 today.  It was much cooler, and there were way more clouds, (I forgot my camera, so I took this @ home)  I had been concerned about the tree,  I hadn't given it enough room and let it go over the edge. I don't know how these disconnects happen, I'm glad it wasn't a hand grenade.  This still needs work, especially the tree, but I think I'd like to go back with a larger canvas and re-composition it so the tree is really in the picture, that is another painting.

This is looking east, and is also another painting.