Saturday, May 4, 2013

Content Farm finished, Eagleville, started, again teenagers

Yesterday,  79  F  sunny

A most awesome site!  Wow!  This this the third time here, I guess I'm trying to return to places on my list in this part of spring, when the greens are so tender and light, this part of spring is so short and sweet, it's the teenager of the year.

This spot too has great diagonals, maybe too much.  It also was tough to pin down the darks, the down stream bank needed emphasis, but it's too much. I started this at noon yesterday, and I'm hoping to go back tomorrow at noon. The sun was on the panel, that's why it looks screwy, as the sun moved I was able to move my panel so it's flatter to my view.

Colors are so fickle, in some places they look different, when I bring them home, they change. Here in these photos, they look better than in person. When I started this painting I knew I was going to come back, and wanted to start with the light layers in the woods behind the darker tree trunks right next to the bank, they still need development, I also wanted to get the sparkle off the water, but I'm waiting this until the end.

The place comes as close to composed as you'll ever get.

January, 2012

December 2012

Back to Content Farm Rd,  about 2:00
I put in the posts  that I think the painting needed, and a couple of other details in the foreground, I also worked the grass in front of the subject bush, and some of the bank of trees, It probably could go some more, we'll see.

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