Thursday, May 2, 2013

Content Farm Rd. day 1

82 F  sunny clear slight breeze.

This is, I think, the 4th time I've painted this exact same place, although  I  may be over it.  I want to get the seasonal thing going but is it an overrated concept, like cats?

I'm hoping to work some more on this, it needs it, but we'll see if I can get back there soon.

I live on this same block, although, I'm in the village, ah the joy of small town living! I like this view because it's got strong diagonals, fore and mid ground, it's intimate, but has a bit of mystery.

Here is the painting from late December. 2012

November, 2012
October, 2012

My easel, altering into perfection.

I wanted to include the road and these two trees, but that's another painting.

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