Friday, May 31, 2013

From the freezer to the microwave & still half baked.

Sunny, hazy and hot!  95 F

This is on Carney-Cassidy  Rd., looking at Maxwell Rd. It's just about noon on Tuesday this week.  I had wanted to re-visit Maxwell Rd. but the view was wrong, so I swung around the valley and caught a view looking east. It wasn't quite as hot as today, and the sky was clearer and everything was more crisp.

Here it is after about 1/2 hr. I liked the streak of blue sky, and how it related to the other shapes. this stretch of road was real quiet, maybe one car passed.

Here it is after about 2 hrs. I knew I had a lot more to do and the sun was really starting to move around, and I was getting hot.

Here is a trick I learned from Stapleton Kearns, who has the most awesome blog,  I was going to link it but oh well, you can google him and find it that way. This is the "bargain shoppers" way to get rid of the nasty day old 1/2 dried texture that you don't want when you go back out to work again. It's a good idea and it works!

Here is how I save my pallet for a later date, It's crude, cheap, down and dirty, thank you.

It was hot today, 95.  Last summer I would try to find places that I could be in the shade, and that's good, but it takes that much longer to find just the right spot. Today was also a lot hazier than Tuesday, but I got some nice clouds on top of the haze, so I went over the sky.

Here is where I ended up today, and it's probably finished. I'm not sure if I like the foreground, but I'm also not sure how to fix it. I "went over" the whole thing, by adding color and mixing it into the still wet paint,

I was determined to start another painting, and wanted something near water, so here I am at Owlkill creek.  This is also large (for me, now) @ 16 x 20.  I planted myself right on the road, next to the bridge, and there's a fair amount of traffic. ( 7 or so cars).

 I did one last month 30' off the road, I was feeling that lazy! This picture has it all, water, subject bush, middle ground field, and far hills!

Here it is after maybe 45 minutes, having it back in the shop I can think about it, and hopefully get it back out there and really paint. I'm gearing up for two things, 1st, Finger Lakes Painting competition, starting next Wednesday and 2nd my show opening the 14th. Wow.


  1. I think it's terrific! I do like the colors and the peaceful feeling the painting portrays