Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hoosick River @ Buskirk, 2 Days: shadow dreams

Sunny with some clouds, 75 F

Here it is at the end of the painting session today, I had started mid-day yesterday, and got a perfect match in the weather today.

I found this spot along River Rd. I had painted in this area before, but not this exact scene, (I was able to work right from the back of the truck).  Notice the shadowed far hill, with the sunny foot hill.  I grabbed the camera when It was like this so you'd beleive me, because the clouds moved alot while I was painting.

This is into it about 1hr. getting the panel covered is the first hurdle to jump.  All the colors (and values) are so relative within the painting that I feel pretty lost until this is done, adjustments are better made after you have something to just.  Notice I haven't put in the trees on the bank.

 This is where I left off yesterday,  When I decided on this spot I knew I'd have to play up the reflection in the water, otherwise my composition would be too horizontal, I also lead the bank up a bit on the left, for the same reason.

This is where I ended up today,  My pallet remained  ready to go this morning, which is a big help, I may play with it a bit more here at home.

This is Buskirk's Bridge, this view of it is just too straight on for me.

I did this in January of this year, from a spot just up the river.

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