Thursday, May 9, 2013

S.A..W. closing reception tomorrow night! & Old Camb. Rd. day 2

Tomorrow night is my closing reception from 5-7 PM, at the Cary House Gallery, Cary Ln. Salem, NY, If your reading this and can come, I'd love to see you tomorrow eve,  it should be a good time.

Yesterday @ Old Cambridge Rd. in Greenwich NY:

75 +/-F  cloudy and gusty winds
  I had some light yesterday AM, so I thought I'd go out before the rain came.  The biggest problem was the road, so I darkened it, generally the lightest area should be the sky, and the road, well, I used the same color as the sky maybe with a touch more of my "dark-o-the-day" paint, (saved from the previous day)  I made darker versions of the bluish and orangeish road colors and used them, I also noticed that the road curved a bit so I fixed that. Otherwise, I worked on the middle ground, putting some more detail in (that I hadn't gotten to on tuesday). I'm still trying to figure out how to do trunks and branches, argh...

The gusts of wind were ridiculous, I had to hang on the the easel, practically the whole time.  I also wish I had time to lighten the distant hills.

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