Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finally Cobble Hill finished! (maybe)

Hot and humid, amid thundershowers, 85+ F

I was determined to get this painting finished, yesterday I went to the site, and it rained the whole time, so when I went back today and it was raining, yet the third time, I sat and waited another 15 minutes, and yes the rain stopped and the sun came out, and there you have it.

The sky and the atmosphere kept changing, well over 9 calendar days... but surprisingly or not the foliage  stayed pretty much the same.  I found that enough of a consolation to push on. I had to add the tree on the right, the sky from the 2nd day was dry and I never got around to "flattening" the texture out as I have preached in the past. I also re-worked just about everything else and damned be the dry/wet differences.  Now I think the tree on the right is a bit flat.  I loved the dark/light pattern the leaves made, but I think they need a but of modeling.  I'm also going to ponder the foreground, I really let it fuzz up over the shadows, and I think that edge is too consistant to be convincing....

Here's the place.