Thursday, June 20, 2013

McMillan Rd. day 2: Green de-tangled and tied.

Sunny and warm, 78 F  

Here is where I ended up at about 6:00 If you notice the huge shadow of the trees, I placed them way earlier and they moved, as shadows do.

This is where I started today,  It was about 3:30, and you can see where the shadow is now. I worked on correcting the drawing, especially the subject scrawny, vine encrusted tree. I had to move it, and lower the far hill, fix the shape of the road, and the color, add the shadow, change the colors on the far mountain, and the middle distance hedge row.  Well, most of the painting, really.

Here it is when I left, I did just fuss with it in the shop, just a few little tweeks, but there it is. The first day was so cloudy, I wasn't sure if I could make the change, but yeah, we like that high contrast sunshine, back lighting and major shadows, something to sink your teeth right into.

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