Sunday, June 2, 2013

Out back today

sunny and warm, 89  F  before the torrential rain and thunder

This was out back, and how I ended the session, about 1 hr.   I'll probably fuss with it  tomorrow. The flox doesn't stand out enough, so I'll bring down the grass, just enough to give the flox the lightest and brightest tone.  I'll also do something in the foregroun, butr I'm not sure yet what....

This is my backyard, the pond has gotten weedy, but it's a nice place anyway, no big vistas, but some nice intimate places.

There was something about looking through the pine tree and it's shadow to see the bright sun-lit flox and tall grass.

No commute!

This was just 1/2 hr. into it. This is 8 x 10 and once I got the big areas, it went quick, at least to where it got to,  I really think it needs more, but sometimes (most)  I think it's best to look at it a bit to see just what that is. 

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