Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Road Trip! , Owlkill, day 3!

Monday, mostly sunny 75 F

 So I go back on Monday and the creek water level had risen 1 1/2 feet!, I also went earlier than on Saturday and the sun was in a completely different place, so I had to wing it, and I just couldn't get a handle on the water.

I left out the brush in the foreground, because I didn't want it there I wanted to be able to get in the water and it got in the way, but the reflection on the water kept changing, big surprise,  I couldn't keep changing the water, so...  Later I worked on it tonight but didn't get a photo yet, I "broke up" the dark and light lines that looked like they were out-lining the water's edge. Those two fat awkward lines just stuck out. and I worked on the water, but I don't know if I fixed it or just kicked the can down the road.

Woah! that's a lot of water!  It's also more muddy and less reflective from when I  started, there is the next painting, soon.

Here is the panel carrier that I had in my mind to make, made.  a simple affair  with wood, grooved on the table saw, and 2-ply poly-carb panels.  I made 4 for my sixes, 12 x16,  11x 14,  9x 12, 8x 10, four slot, three primed and ready panels, and one plexi-glass pallet to fit.  It's all stuff I had laying around, including the handles,  I'm going here tomorrow: http://www.canandaiguaarts.com/index.html  so I'm getting all geared up to paint in rain!  Please if you see my dog, Ollie, or my kids, Hope and Emma, wandering the streets of Cambridge, tell them to go home!

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