Saturday, July 13, 2013

Adirondack Painting week 1: 5 Paintings (1 Commission!)

Monday, July 8:

Warm with rain, clearing by the afternoon, 80 F

This is the "Beaver" or officially Hess pond, in back of the cabin on 6th Lake,  Inlet, NY.  I was here this May, in just about the same spot at about the same time (afternoon), although the effect was much different

Sorry for the poor quality of this photo, but here it is 9x12 finished.  you can see the light and how dramatic it is.

Eastern shore looking west, into the setting sun.

Eagle Cliff,  Eagle Bay, NY. Tuesday, July 9,
Warm,  similar to yesterday.  80  F

This is up a very short hike overlooking 4th Lake.  It's just a few minutes from Inlet, I woke up early and started at 9:00, the morning mist was in the air (and stayed there most of the session.)

Here is the initial block in.

 Here it is finished.


I showed the finished painting to a friend of a friend, who was up at the cabin, he said the view was very special to his dad and would I paint it again, for him, that's Friday's painting.

Wednesday, July 10 Upper Pond, Uncas Rd.

Here is the finished painting from Upper Pond,  I had forgotten my camera, so I took this back at the cabin. The light here too was strong as it went down in the west. Water, water, so much water!

This is my layout for Adirondack hike-in trips,  it takes about an hour to get the pack ready.

Thursday,  July 11.  Billy's Bald Spot,  Martin Rd, Big Moose, NY.
 Same weather pattern.

I had arranged to do the commission tomorrow, and wanted to get more "big views" under my belt, so I chose this spot.  I had come up here last year, and continued down the trail to Squash Pond, so I knew the site, and it was only .4 of a mile (mostly steep up hill)

Here is the first block-in.

Here is where I got it to after about 2 1/4 hrs.

Here is the place, I liked having the tree tops in front of the scene, although at first I thought it was annoying.

Friday, July 12, Eagle Cliff,  Eagle Bay,  NY.

This is the view I chose, it's a bit west of the one I did on Tuesday, and it's the afternoon.  After yesterday's painting I decided I wanted to incorporate more tree tops, and I was glad I did.

If this is getting redundant, let me know!

Blocked in, mostly.

This is three hours work,  I just didn't want to stop, even though I can see things that could have been developed more, I think my patron liked it.

When I look at the painting and the photo together I can see the differences, some of them I like and others not so much, but all in all not too shabby.


  1. I think your paintings are great. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Diane Thanks for your complement, I enjoy blogging about painting. Matt