Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adirondack Painting Week 2, a dock. a rock and a sponge.

Three days painting, Hot and humid, no rain, lots of bugs.

Monday late afternoon  87  F

Here's the dock, (and 6th Lake)  I can paint and be at the cabin at the same time. It's late and the light is over the trees.  as you can see the panel is in the shade.

A good start, with lightest and darkest values, but the problem, which I 've had many times is the difference between the seen and the shade on the panel.

 Here's where I finished after about 2 hrs.and of course I can see what happened, I washed out the painting due to it being in the shade,

It never looked like this! ( if it did, I would have preferred it, but I wish I saw those darks!)

Tuesday, also late afternoon, 90 F

This is the stream between 6th and 5th lakes, and as you can see, it's moving fast.

It makes you feel cool just to watch, and it, the place is totally in the shade too.  I also found this shape if the water and I liked it.

This is about 1/2 way through.  I like trying to figure out how to do rushing water.  If I can improve each time, I don't expect to  see miracles, just good work.

Here is where I was, I didn't take a finished photo.

Yesterday also 90F & sunny

The beaver pond, early afternoon, still hot and sunny, I vacillated between picking the spot on the top of the hill, (more pleasant to work in) or the place next to the hill (with the hill in view, (not as pleasant, but a better picture, and you can see where I chose. This is a view of Ned's rock, and the light was bright!

Here is the first 45 minutes or so.

This is pretty close to finished.

Here they are together.

Here I was, on a sponge!  The "land" is really just a bog-like  growth that you squish into. Buggy. I found a bit of shade.

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