Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adirondack painting week 3 More bald spots; Water, water!

This week was hot to start, than it got cool.
Here's the mostly finished painting from the top of Rocky Mt. in Eagle Bay, NY.  It's a short hike with a good view of 4th Lake,  I'm not sure what happened to the rock, it's way too pink and doesn't have the contrast that I think it needs.

I'm not even sure I like doing such big views, but that's a part of the Adirondacks, so as they say...

Back at the beaver pond,  I liked the first painting I did here and wanted to see if I could do another, or course it came out different, not terrible but not as good as the last.

Here it is,  a bad photo, I had a tough time with the trees over the ridge line,  I didn't want them too detailed, but too crude is how thery are here. I did work on them a bit back at camp, so all in all not a total wash.

This is on Bald Mt. overlooking Old Forge, and 2nd Lake.  It was Sunday early afternoon ant there were a lot of family hikers, so I found a relatively quiet spot.

It looks totally isolated, but I had more people watch me here than just about anywhere I've been,

Another really bad photo,  I'm here at the computer, at home for 2 hrs, while Emma takes a class! I'ts not as fun to blog in bulk like this but it's really fun to paint at the cabin, so bear with me on this and I promise to take and post decent photos when i get back!
 Again, I think I like the flourish of leaves in the foreground the best.

Here is the dock, it was Tuesday and working on water is another thing I feel I need to jump right into, sorry for the pun, It's also the place I can paint and watch the kids at the same time.

This is my best painting from the dock yet, so I think I'm making progress. The water seems to change by the minute, and how do you remember any one incarnation of water?

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