Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lee's Crossing Rd.Old lesson, returned.

Sunny with big clouds, humid, 85 F

I read an interview with Robert Douglas Hunter,  in it he discusses sight-size, and about the principles that he helped me learn, at least marginally, so many years ago.  It clarified a few things and influenced today's work.

I had just a bit of time so I thought I'd find a spot on my way to pick up Hope, I didn't have enough time, but I found this spot, and it was in the shade! The clouds kept moving, and changing the light,  at times the light was on the mid-range trees giving them brightness in front of the dark of the far hill.

This is into it maybe 20 or so minutes. Hunter said to start with the element most different from the canvas, then go to the next element that's the most different. So simple, so basic, but I could see in an instant how focusing on this really worked,  I've known about this basic principle for 33 years, but how easy it is to stray for the basics.

 This is where I wrapped it up for the day, I had about 1hr, 15 minutes or so, and I wish I could have just had another 1/2 hr. I'ts just a bit of a treck, so I just might not get back there in the next few days....

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