Monday, July 29, 2013

The Princess, horses that can fly and the Cathedral, last two paintings in the Adirondacks: week 3

Cooler than last week!, big clouds in the sky.

This was Friday July, 26. about 10 A.M.  I'm standing at the door of the "Cathedral" it's a shed in back of the cabin, It's Ned's shed, the work shed, I use it when I'm there, so there I was and here's the view of 6th Lake and the "bay"  and bridge to the boat house.  Why not, do a small study to try and get the values and the colors right? The camera simplifies, but there's so much more there.

The first value.

The camera really does "read" the world differently than the eye., or being there. So there's a lot more to it than just simplifying, but I don't think it's nameable.

This was fun to do; a sketch, quickly before things change too much.

As the morning wore on, the light moved into the picture, it added interest, but was hard to chase.  I had to stop, because I'm not adding anything, I'm just chasing it and getting nowhere.

This was Saturday July 27th  My 174th painting since the great re-boot.  Here is where the princess enters, the princess is a 12' aluminum boat with a 3 hp Johnson, 1962 (I think) Alane gave it that name probably around 1964, and we are yet to call it the Queen. I'ts the boat in last week's blog. and I took it to get here.

I landed at Arnold's rock, north shore of 7th Lake, and hiked down the path along the lake between camping lean-to's and found this spot. There were so few openings that when I found one I had to see if I could make it work, yes, it could.  Except here is where the horse fly's come in and bite the hell out of me.

The first block in.  I was trying to keep the darks dark enough and I think I got it.

Here is where I ended up, although I worked on it a bit back in the Cathedral, I'm not sure what to think about the graphic- hard- edged quality of the tree in front of the lake. It too had it's challenges and I like to see where it is that I'm able to work it.

So ended the Adirondack big three week extravaganza that included lots of fun for all. I'll be back soon, but there's nothing like a decent chunk of time at the cabin. I'm exhausted, but happy.

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