Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back on the farm, August greens on Rouse Rd.

73  F  clear with some clouds, beautiful!

I found this location last August, and thought it was the quintessential grazing hill in the deep part of the summer. I love the light over the hill and the demeanor of the overgrowth. It's also a quiet farm road with very little traffic.

Here's my start.

This is at the 1 1/2 hr. mark. I changed my pallet to include burnt sienna, instead of cadmium red, and  I mixed it with ultramarine blue.  I kept Prussian blue off the pallet until I decided I couldn't go without.  I started with that dark mix, and then mixed the field a cadmium lemon and cobalt blue, which is way too bright, I then covered most of that bright up with a grayer reality.

Another 1/2 hr. or so later here is where I got it to. The contrasts on this hill seems to be always weird, It seems I can never get the darks dark enough, and the middle tones don't know where to go.

The whitish flowering vine, was quite impressive and I've never seen this before, they were all over the place and picked up the light like nobody's business.The cows came arount too but It was too late to add them in.Another thing to work on, cow.

This painting is actually from September, and not the exact scene.I think my wok has improved dramatically since then.  Look back on my blog from 2-14-13 and You can see the winter view of the same place, fun!

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