Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Duel Hollow day 2: A Snowy Egret visits.

85  F  Hot and hazy.

I want back to this spot yesterday, but it was around 3 and the sun was too far over, and there was no reflection in the water, I had also forgot my pallet, so I just went home. Today I got there just before 12 noon, and the added haze was perfect,  It gave me some extra depth to work with and I needed all that.

When you sit somewhere and are really quiet, wildlife will come by to visit, what a handsome creature!

You can see the added sense of depth with the hazy sky. I swear that some of the greens had moved into some more ochre-y color, but ...

This is where it ended up today, I didn't touch the water or a lot of things, but I think I moved it along, I may take it back up for more, we'll see.

It's so hard to distinguish one green from the next, that I thought I had over exaggerated the subtle color changes, and maybe that's what it takes,