Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finished July Paintings

Here is the first of my July Adirondack paintings,  I'm going to send them out a bit at a time, as to not clog the system, besides I'm still recovering...

I think this is the sleeper of the lot, I liked the contrast between the darkest and the lightest areas, and I think the sky turned out good, maybe it was an accident, maybe not.

This painting was of 4th Lake from eagle Cliff.  It was a hazy morning, and the moisture does that to the atmosphere, still it's a bit off, a bit flat, or maybe I just don't know.

Here is Upper Pond, on Uncas Rd. and the Brown Tract, as it's called. The sun was setting and I was facing the brightness, I also wanted to do lots of water, and I got that, so yeah, lots of water and a sunset what more could anybody want?

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