Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hudson River @ Rodgers Island, Ft. Edward, NY

75  F  crisp and clear.

Here I am at the shore of the Hudson!

I've seen this R.R. bridge many times, and wanted to come here and paint, but it's a bit of a trek from my house, so I used the opportunity of driving by on my way to deliver some paintings and seeing the Georgia O'keefe show at the Hyde.

Here it is about 1/2 hr. into it. As it was I spent some time trying to find my way down to this spot, and at this point, it was looking rather bleak.

 This is the highway bridge, Route 196,  I think, I don't think you could see me from the highway, but I definitely could hear the traffic.

This is where I left off today, although I think I'll touch it up a bit later.

A welcome sign.

I bushwhacked through this area from the visitor's center at Rodgers Island.   Normally I'll park, then hike around a bit before I drag my stuff, today I spent about 1/2 hr. to find this spot.

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