Friday, August 30, 2013

I ran into a telephone pole, got stuck in a jam & attacked by flies. (a good day painting!)

82  F  hot and sunny.
Brownell Crossing Rd., Day 2.

I started this yesterday, but forgot my camera, around 1 or 1:30, so I went back today, only to get attacked by flies, so I just picked up, went to Rite Aid for Deet, and got stuck in road construction, but it was all OK, because I had a good start yesterday.

This is where I started. I had been here earlier in the year, and had a hard time getting the tree to fit into the composition, so I've been wanting to do a bigger one ever since. the first one was 11x14, this one is 14x16.

Yesterday the sky had clouds, and I liked them.  I also liked the shadow on the far hill,  giving me a real dark area to work with, but today the sun was out, and the whole scene had changed, so I decided to go ahead and get that rabbit!

I lightened up the far hill, and tried to go  over the sky, (I hadn't fully developed the clouds anyway)

It was really bright today, and hot in the sun, that brought out those nasty little bee-like flies, that seem to come out of nowhere, Yeah Deet!

The road was really dry and reflected all that light back up at me, and really vie's for attention with all the other elements, like the tree.

This is me.

This is where I ended up today, and is at the same place as the one at the top, as you can see I put in one telephone pole, and one stop sign, I usually ignore these things, but I thought what the hell.

I think I'll go back, maybe tomorrow.

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