Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Back Bay, afternoon (de)light, more lessons

Clear sunny 75  F
Saturday afternoon, 8-24-13 I had gotten back from 7th Lake and had time before our "booze cruise" that evening, there were a bunch of people shooting up the beaver pond and Alane thought it best if I didn't go back there, besides I found the light in the back bay.

 The contrasts were striking!  I've done a few paintings back here, I'm literally on the Cabin lot, which is not that big, so I can walk back to re-fill my coffee cup. It's also a challenge, Once I start to look, colors and values seem to shift at random.

I would have sworn that  there were more browns than greens!

Still an awesome spot!  The light changed quickly, and even though I'm not pleased with the product,  I did learn something.  I don't know what  it was that I learned, but it has something to do with attacking an elusive light.

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