Sunday, September 1, 2013

A finish and a start, one mile apart.

80  F  Humid, and overcast.
I went back today, despite the change in the day's sky condition. This time of year a few more days could mean other changes, too so I figured why not?

The far hill looked a lot darker today, as did the sky, but I didn't want those things to change, I really just wanted to refine the darks in the middle ground and add a bit of definition to some of those areas I didn't get to on Friday. A bit of sun filtered through, but I had to rely a bit on memory for the darkest of places, I think I was able to do what I wanted to, but the subject tree didn't get any more developed and maybe I'll work on that some more.

It was a bit after 1:15, or so and I felt like doing another start, so I headed west, up the valley, past the beloved creek I painted, (on Duel Hollow Rd.) to a favorite spot from last summer/fall, still on Duel Hollow, almost to King Rd.

You can see how much moisture is in the air!

I intended from the start to get this going and come back to develop it. I wanted to cover the canvas quickly, and get the composition and general colors right, or as close as possible.

Here is where I ended up.  It took about an hour or so, and I'm happy with what I got. I've been using a 30 year old tube of madder red, mixed with ultramarine and a touch of cadmium  for the very darkest tone. I'm hoping to go back on a day with a bit more sun, and contrast than today.

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