Sunday, September 29, 2013

Big sky, big river, Hudson River @ Ft. Miller

71  F  sunny & beautiful!

I went over to the Hudson River today and scouted out places along River Rd, in Greenwich and Ft. Edward, NY.  I'm on the east side of the river in Washington County. There is a canal and locks between the river and Rt. 4, and a whole bunch of bridges crossing the canal that goes to a strip of land with the hamlet of Ft. Miller, it's really cool but I had a hard time settling in on a spot.

I found this spot and saw the far hill in the background, looking South.  This road has houses in some places and others it's right on the river, mostly with  thick vegetation,  I would have painted closer to the river on that grass, but it's somebody's front lawn, so I parked on the road and got in the bed of my truck to gain some height, I didn't want to paint the grass. .

Here are the first two areas, the darks and the sky, for which I used the pallet knife.

I'm using a 9x12 canvas panel, and it feels too small to me, this is a large scene and I should have used a larger panel, but I'm running out of the larger panels....

This is into it maybe 45 minutes or so I've got the entire panel covered, (mostly)  and I can try to add detail, but with all that sky my areas of foliage are really small.

Here it is at the end of the session, about 6:15 or so, The light hadn't caused too much trouble today, I guess it was the nature of how it moved to the river...

Yeah, I think it's a bit overkill to have a 3/4 ton truck to do this!

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