Friday, September 27, 2013

Can you remember the sun? McCart Rd. day 2

Cloudy and warm 70  F

I went back to McCart Rd. today to finish up my painting from yesterday, It was real cloudy and everything had changed.  When I had left yesterday, I had a clear understanding of what needed to be done, shadows on the clouds, details on the road, the mid-ground field needed to be brighter, and the far hills needed to be bluer.  I maybe could have done it from memory, and the pallet still wet with the colors. Going back today, I relied more on memory than what was in front of me because it had changed so much.


This Painting is from last October, I thought it was breaking some ground on it just like I think today's work is, something about hitting the atmosphere just right.  Remind me to put it up on Etsy!

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