Monday, September 2, 2013

Duel Hollow Finished? (or done)

81  F humid, breaks of sun.
I noticed breaks in the clouds, and it was the right time, about 1:00, so I thought I'd take back yesterday's start.

There really were shadows and some highlights, so I went ahead and dove into them, The weird thing is that this photo, even with the shadows still looks washed out, the photo above, with the panel doesn't, and that sometimes happens with your own eyes, they make things look different depending on how big an area your looking at.

This was near to the end of today's session and I have most everything generally established. It was interesting to work back from the darkest tree while working the other way around most everywhere else. I stood about 3 feet back from the panel, to sort of sight-size it, which helps with my drawing, but not so much with color, although tone is easier to get with this method of set-up.

Here it is now, I worked a lot trying to get the bright green of the closest tree, and also fill in the details of the large dark tree-line. I had over two hours today, the light and shadows stayed strong, and I finished up because the shadows were coming around too much, and I didn't want to overwork it. but you never know, maybe I'll return and do some more, maybe not.

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