Sunday, September 15, 2013

Eagleville, Day 2 less water more blue sky.

65  F  fewer clouds, a bit o' sun.

The Battenkill today, about 1 foot lower.  I noticed the sky wasn't much different than yesterday, so I  thought I'd get right back out there. Becides my patllet would still be totally workable, and I just wanted more time.

This pic was from yesterday, you can really see the difference in the water.

Here is where I ended up today,  I think I'll fuss with it some more, but I probably won't take it back.  I worked mostly on the foliage, The light, being just a bit keyed up, gave me something to build on (the highlights of sun on leaves)  I didn't do too much in the water, which changed the most, yesterday the bright haze from the sky lit the water in a nice wide swath down the middle, today it looked mostly darker with lots of bright spots.

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