Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stolen:a few minutes, maybe just borrowed.

68  F  sunny!

I had just a bit of time (not really) but I went out anyway,  I got started painting @ about 1:30, the bus gets back @ about 2:45, so yeah, with the miracle of cell phones, and being just around the corner, on Content Farm Rd. I stole some time.

Here is where I ended after about 1 1/2 hrs. it needs more time, but who knows if I'll get back...

Here is my start, I used a wash of alizerine crimson on this set of panels and I think it's the worst color ever.
I was motivated to cover this ugliness, but I can always see through it.

I liked this spot because the hedge row has a lot of variety to it and because you can see a hill in the distance

They say "amateurs borrow, professionals steal" , so the title of this post, the outcome is yet to be determined, if I borrowed the time I'll have to make it up somehow, if I stole it, it's mine for good, and I like that.

 After all that, I still rely on placing the canvas to the side of the scene, and (trying) to "sight-size" it,  When I stand, which is most of the time I have to have the panel very high, today I used the truck tailgate to lean against because I needed to view a bit lower than standing.

This is Content Farm Rd. it's not too busy, but the transfer station (dump) is near, and traffic can move fast, luckily I was fully off the road.    I had a hard time getting the color of the foreground right, and if I brought it back that's one thing I'd like to work on,  so often in (relatively) large areas, I want to find the color, but in fact there are many colors in that one area, so what to do? Panic? I geuss it's about pulling out those colors with maybe a bit of trial and error.

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