Saturday, September 21, 2013

View from kitchen (and link to my store)

74  F  a bit cloudy ans a bit breezy.

I finally did it!  I painted the view from the kitchen window, this is the first place we all go to to see what the weather is doing, and probably the most viewed in the house.  It's not the idyllic pastoral scene that I go all out to find, but I've been threatening for a long time to just do it. (besides I had kid duty)  &  had to find a picture right here at my house.

This is the actual view from the window, I brought enough paint in with me to realize I should't paint at the house, and that it's way too distracting to paint around here all the time, but for today it worked.

It was a challenge to do the buildings.  This is essentially a back-lot view, my neighbors' sheds and barns,  It's a bit of the fact that the drawing has to be right, or it looks stupid, and that doing hard-edged painted items is almost antithetical to foliage and the impressionistic approach I'm wanting to focus on (don't mind the pun).
 Here is the side of the house looking toward the street, The house was built in the 50's and set back off the road way more than the other houses.   It also had bad siding which I'm replacing one wall at a time, see the nice clear cedar?  I just finished that wall last month, (there are more walls,  I'll spare you the before pics)

So there you have it, not a great view, but not too bad, and if  I'm ever going to paint buildings in my scenes,  I'll have to deal with it.

Here is the link to my Etsy store,  there are only 18 old paintings on there now, but my web-site has most of my painting on it, if you want one let me know and I can move it over (if it's available, and most are)  My prices are roughly $2.00 a square inch (more or less) so buy them while I'm cheap, and alive. Thanks!


  1. Well done. I suppose many of us would be happy to have such a view from our kitchen! ;-)

  2. Thank You Chani; Yes I am totally spoiled living here in paradise, it's just a little reminder to myself to seek beauty where I am. (and find it?) Best, Matt

  3. Finally, I did it too! (I blogged over it today).
    Thank you for the inspiration. I am also someone who tries to seek beauty where I am, every day, while many people do not look at it. You do not have to travel far, it is enough if you open your eyes. Everything can be beautiful and can be art. Best, Chani