Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Big shadow, big barn, Oak Hill Rd, Cambridge, NY Day 1

61  F  Sunny!
Here is the quintessential farm: barn, silo, road, even cows!

I started at about noon, so there were great contrasts, the sun was bright on the roof of the barn.

First color,  the darkest would end up getting into the next colors, maybe I should have scraped it off.

I'm working 16 x 20, my largest size, so I'm throwing the paint on, mixing then applying with the pallet knife.

Here most of the canvas is covered.

Now I have the basics,  I wasn't sure if I wanted to put in the cupola or not, but now I think I'll put it in tomorrow, as well as the telephone poles, and the cows.

Here is where I ended up at 2:30 today.  I figured I'd need more time on this, the light had started to change at least a few things and of course the bus was coming. This is a working farm and the farmers were in and around getting food and water for the cows, and of course there were tractors coming and going, but I didn't put them in either.

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