Sunday, October 6, 2013

Past Peak, down the other side, Rouse Rd. Cambridge, NY.

60  F  Cloudy, windy.

Here is where I ended up today.  I left the house feeling lucky because it wasn't raining, I wanted a barn or some other piece of architecture, (so I thought), I drove by one of my favorite spots on Rouse Rd. to drive around and come back to it,  I did, however look in this direction to get the silos.  It also lacks any sky, so I liked that challenge.

Some times it doesn't look too far off from nature,  I knew the light would be hard to capture, and I was relying on the reflection off the silos and the barn roofs for the light.

I started with green because it was the biggest and the most different part of the picture, especially considering the tone I'm starting with.  This is advice from Robert D. Hunter, and I try to keep it in mind, such a basic principle, like breathing, but if you forgot what would happen?

I try to "sight size" the landscape, often I forget where I need to stand, so today I used the water jug to step behind, I then "line-up" an element in the landscape to the edge of the panel, today it was the edge of the third silo. Everything can be measured from there as long as I stand in the same spot with the same posture.  Squinting helps as does using the brush handle to "measure" the scene to the panel.

So this is redundant.

This is about 1/2 way into it, maybe about an hour or so,  The hardest part it seemed was the opposite hill,  there were a lot of both value changes and color changes, but all of those values and hues need to know their place, often they fight with their brothers in the fore ground or otherwise cause trouble and with no sky....

I'm being redundant again, just indulge me.

Closer, closer.....

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