Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Picture perfect, at least for a minute: English Rd. day 2.

51  F  clouds with some sun!

This was taken @ about 3:45 after another 1 1/2 hours or so.  I had written off coming back today because there were clouds predicted all day, so at 1:00 the sun came out and there were these big clouds in between I wrapped up what I was doing and headed out.

My scene had come back!  but just for a few precious minutes, throughout this session the sun and clouds alternatively lit and shaded different parts of the landscape, but I had the toe hold, and the shadows were across the road not toward me.

English Road, it a real farm road, dirt not much traffic.

The Painting was 1/2 dry, so some of the texture was still there, (even though I tried to flatten it out Sunday night).  I also could have used a bit of damar to get the colors back, it's a weird animal to work on such an inconsistent surface.  I'm thinking I'll work on this here a bit more. The clouds are super weird.

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