Thursday, October 3, 2013

Return trip day 2 get it or don't @ Jodie Rd. and Owlkill Rd. White Creek, NY.

69  F  not as cloudy as yesterday, Beautiful!
Here is where I ended up with the painting today after about another hour or so.   I had a bit more contrasts, so I thought I'sd sneak them in, since yesterday I just couldn't get the darks dark enough, but the sky doesn't really go with the rest of the landscape, oh well I couldn't change everything!

This is my set up not fancy but it works!

Here is where I was, intersections like this provide nice large areas to pull off of the road,  Down in the bend of the road, is where I painted a number of the "Owlkill Creek" paintings.

When you look at it like this you can see just what is completely different. I may or may not matter.

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